Ten investments in innovative start-ups (so far)

I just have done my tenth investment as busines angels and entrepreneur. All in technology, most of them in healthcare.

MOBILE MY DAY develops and sells strategical and powerful business intelligence suite for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies and partners.

(Belgium, 2015, co-founder, board member, first sales stage)

H2BH2B is a leading group specialised in testing and certification. The management and employees share ambitious vision, strong values and entrepreneurship state-of-mind. H2B invests as much in human capital than in digital disruption.

(France, 2015, co-founder, strategy board member, scale up stage

AntigonANTIGON develops innovative solutions to address the problems of transfusion safety. Patented technologies allow lab-free, fast, accurate, inexpensive blood group testing. It helps to avoid medical errors related to the problems of incompatibility of blood groups to the patient’s bed.
(Belgium, 2016, co-founder, R&D stage)

SPSURGICAL PERSPECTIVE provides surgeons with single use surgical retractors that can be used to easily hold back tissues and expose underlying body parts. SURGICAL PERSPECTIVE’s single use retractor line is designed to manage all surgical exposure needs, from static and dynamic suspension to broad and specific tissue retraction.
(France, 2016, growth stage)

DODigital Orthopaedics is a digital Health company providing worldwide access to a comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for musculoskeletal pathologies. Clinical decision support systems are a key component of precision medicine which targets the most efficient personally tailored treatment and/or surgical therapeutic plan by reaching a higher dimension for the interpretation of a clinical complex interaction between the patient, the pathology and its treatments.
(Belgium, 2016, co-founder, divested)

CloudalizeCLOUDALIZE develop advanced GPU-in-Cloud technologies to deliver performant graphics capabilities on any device. The proprietary technology used to deploy the services for B2B customers, called GDaaS, allows to deploy powerful and complete virtual workspaces instantly through a self-service web portal, making them securely accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device as only pixels are transferred instead of data.

CLOUDALIZE has also launched PixelStellar, a real-time game-streaming platform which leverage the power of proprietary its ultra-performant GPU Cloud for the benefit of all gamers, at a fraction of the price of a dedicated PC.
(Belgium, 2017, first sales stage)

AuxiviaAUXIVIA develops smart services to improve the quality of care for elderly people in loss of autonomy.

The intelligent and connected glasses reliable the monitoring and traceability of the water catch. They have been specifically developed to adapt better to the use of the elderly and their caregivers, in nursing retirement homes and in home care.
(France, 2017, first sales stage)

InovotionINOVOTION offers fast, sensitive, reliable and affordable assays to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of anticancer treatments and validate their target. The cutting-edge proprietary technology provides early analysis of candidate drugs before the classical preclinical stage.

By eliminating low-value molecules early, INOVOTION accelerates the drug discovery process and significantly reduces its costs. The unique assays are validated in-egg in vivo model, yet without animal experimentation.
(Belgium, 2017, strategy board member, scale up stage)

ONCODIAG develops non-invasive diagnostic tests for cancer relapse monitoring and targeted cancer screening.
(Belgium, 2017, research stage)

Stream your event! With the EVENTER mobile application,  take, share and broadcast all the pictures taken by guests and photographs during your event.

EVENTER free app for private use: create events, share pictures, connect with other guests.

EVENTER advanced services for business customers: Live broadcast, in-event communication, after-event keep-in-touch, advertisement, social network management, content moderation.
(Belgium, 2017, co-founder, board member, first sales stage)


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