The six disruptive factors of Digital Health

Next decade medicine will change dramatically, whether you prefer to call it ‘precision medicine‘ or ‘personalized medecine‘, because of six trends:

The Digital Heath Disruptive Factors are:

  • Full genome sequence for all, health and patients
  • Electronic Health Record & specialised health cloud interconnecting all providers, payers, patients
  • Connected wearable and implemented devices, monitoring
  • Crowd science and open research
  • Big Data to detect, react, predict
  • Clinical Decision Support algorithm surpassing physician expertise

The five first items are well explicated in this article The history of medicine will seem blunt and random compared with what’s coming next.

The missing item in the article is “Clinical Decision Support”. It has a huge disruptive power. Physician already cannot digest and interpret so much individual clinical data (all patient under continuous multi-parameter monitoring) and so much medical knowledge (no one can follow the pace of science and medicine). The physician added-value will shift from his/her ability to diagnose and prescribe, to a new role which mediates algorithm-based precision medicine with the patient.


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