Content duplication and transformation from one blog to another.

It may be funny to track how original content can be copied and modified from one blog to another.

In Feedly, my favourite newsfeed reader, I spotted this  post:

It redirects to:

This article in French is inspired from a post in English, and adds several examples and links to external resources.

The source mentioned at the end of the article, which links to:

The last line states “This post originally appeared on Forbes.”, bringing me to:

In this article, the credit is given to the original source :

To get an overview of the trends in healthcare technology, we turned to Dr. Bertalan Meskó, medical futurist and author of The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology and the Human Touch.  In it, he identifies several areas that he believes will shape the future of medicine and healthcare for decades to come.

What is also interesting, is the drift of the core message. It was originally “11 Tech Trends shaping future medicine”, then “11 tech innovations changing medicine” and it becomes “11 changes in medicine brought technology”.

Also interesting is that content don’t change, but illustrative pictures do.


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