SaaS for Business: Microsoft is #1

SaaS businesses are growing fast. In this segment, Microsoft is growing super-fast!

SaaS For Business, Microsoft is #1

According to the 2015 Okta’s Business @ Work Report” based on the stats collected by Okta, a leading SaaS platform for Identity Management, Office 365 is the #1 SaaS application, beating for the first time SalesForce.

Two years ago, Google had obviously the best odds to win the race in the category of SaaS Apps for businesses. Google had 3 Apps ranking in the 25-top Apps, and was above SalesForce with cumulated numbers of users. It was, and still is, the undisputed leader of Internet-based services for consumers and has more Apps install than any others on mobile devices. Early 2013, there was 50% more business users on Google Apps than Office 365. Now, it seems the game is over.

That’s why SalesForce has preferred to bet on the winning horse and has announced a partnership with its direct competitor, Microsoft. Expect more announcements to come at the DreamForce event in mid-September: Satya Nadella will be the Guest Star.


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