Second birth of this blog


10 years ago, in May 2005, I started my first blog. It was written in French. I had closed by my company 2 months before, and I had the urgent need to write about topics I’m interested in.

I wrote in my blog until March 2007.

When I joined Eurofins, my employer made it clear there would be a conflict of interest. I could not at the same time (1) fulfil contractual obligations of confidentiality with my employer and (2) have a fair and open relationship with my readers.

Today, I do not work anymore for Eurofins. I feel a huge need to share again my point of view on Biology, Technology and Business. I keep the same blog title as before, but this time posts will be written in English.

So, I tried to login on WordPress, after 8 years of inactivity. Magic, my old id and password are still active. I love IT.


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