I just have done my tenth investment as busines angels and entrepreneur. All in technology, most of them in healthcare. MOBILE MY DAY develops and sells strategical and powerful business intelligence suite for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies and partners. (Belgium, 2015, co-founder, board member, first sales stage) H2B is a leading group specialised in testing […]

La rumeur courrait depuis quelques jours à Strasbourg, Theresa May va présenter (enfin) sa vision de la relation du Royaume Unis avec l’Union Européen e sa position dans la négociation actuelle à Florence, “cœur historique” de l’Europe de la renaissance. Alors même qu’une photo volée dévoile une partie du brouillon du discours, je me risque […]

We can read a lot of articles referring to the “Norway solution”. Here are a few articles which gave the tone on this topic over the last 4 years. Norway’s EU deal ‘not right for UK’ (2013, BBC) We pay, but have no say: that’s the reality of Norway’s relationship with the EU (2015, The […]

EU et UK doivent trouver une solution au double problème du refus de payer la facture du Brexit et du Hard Brexit. La solution est simple sur le papier : payer la facture et éviter le hard Brexit. Mais comment Theresa May peut-elle faire accepter cela aux sujets britanniques ?

Next decade medicine will change dramatically, whether you prefer to call it ‘precision medicine‘ or ‘personalized medecine‘, because of six trends: The Digital Heath Disruptive Factors are: Full genome sequence for all, health and patients Electronic Health Record & specialised health cloud interconnecting all providers, payers, patients Connected wearable and implemented devices, monitoring Crowd science and […]

It may be funny to track how original content can be copied and modified from one blog to another. In Feedly, my favourite newsfeed reader, I spotted this  post: http://www.scoop.it/t/pharma-geek/p/4046388771/2015/06/24/11-changements-que-la-technologie-va-apporter-a-la-medecine-hcsmeufr It redirects to: http://www.objetconnecte.net/11-changements-technologie-apporter-medecine-2206/ This article in French is inspired from a post in English, and adds several examples and links to external resources. The source […]

Those guys have accumulated so many mistakes that I think they deserve the award of the worst website, category ‘Newspaper’. Congratulation!   I’ve already been frustrated a few times by http://www.forbes.com, that’s why I’m used to avoid to go on that site. But this time, there was an article I fund very interesting, so I […]

Big data and the healthcare Internet of Things is poised for explosive growth over the next half-decade, says a new report by MarketResearch.com, expanding at a 15.1 percent compound annual growth rate to hit $117 billion by 2020. Soo exciting! I’m truly passionated by two domains: Information Technology and Life Sciences. Indeed, I’m consistently working […]

In the recent post titled “1975, The Asilomar Conference. 2015, Asilomar 2.0?“, I referenced the call published on March 3rd in Science by renowned scientist for a  “A prudent path forward for genomic engineering and germline gene modification“. Nature also published a similar call on March 12 “Don’t edit the human germ line”. It appears that Sciences […]

On 1st and 2nd of April, I attended to the Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris. It was a combined expo with the “Solution Datacenter Expo”. It was quite funny to see some datacenter specialists trying to explain (imho, quite unsuccessfully) that you must not trust the public cloud providers and you should continue to buy […]